About Us

Dedicated to High Quality and Affordability

CBD Oils Indiana is committed to providing the highest quality CBD at prices that people can afford.  We believe in selling quality, all-natural, non-GMO hemp products that are all 3rd party lab tested for potency and purity.  There are many companies selling CBD products.  We are determined to stand out from the rest of them as a trusted source for the highest quality and most affordable CBD products available in Indiana.


I started this business selling CBD products after I started taking CBD myself.  I was appalled at the low quality and overpriced CBD being marketed by many companies.  After doing much research and spending days looking over independent reviews and 3rd party lab reports, I decided to start using CBD from The CBDistillery™.  The quality and price was so much better than any of the other companies I could find that I decided to start selling their products and make affordable, quality CBD available to more people.


We believe that people should have access to high quality CBD, and we are determined to deliver it for the lowest price possible.


Lowest Price in Indiana, Guaranteed!

If you can find an equivalent CBD product being sold at a lower retail price in Indiana,
We will beat that price!
Product must have an equivalent amount of CBD and/or THC, must be 3rd party Lab tested for potency and purity (and have a product certificate of analysis), must be made from industrial hemp, must be organic, non-GMO, pesticide free, must comply with Indiana law and must be advertised at retail price and located in Indiana.
Highest Quality CBD Products From CBDistillery™
The CBDistillery™ was founded by a group of Colorado natives with a strong belief that people have a right to the highest quality, fairly priced hemp derived CBD. They aim to provide more than just exceptional products and service, they are on a mission to provide hemp derived CBD to all through the #CBDMOVEMENT, by providing access to education, research and testimonials.
Lab tested and certified
All of the CBD products we sell are legal in Indiana and contain less than 0.3% THC.
Our products are 3rd party Lab tested for potency and purity, made from industrial hemp, organic, non-GMO and pesticide free.
How are we able to sell high quality CBD for less than the competition?
1: Low Overhead
Many stores that sell CBD have to open a new storefront. Along with that, comes an enormous amount of overhead cost. Building rent/lease, utilities, wages, etc. These costs get passed on to the customer in the form of higher prices.
By locating our retail store within our parent company, Brian's Surplus, we have been able to minimize our overhead costs, passing the savings on to our customers.
2: Bulk Purchasing
When we place an order, we order HUGE quantities allowing us to get the best prices. Our supplier has over 2,000 retailers across the country. When it comes to ordering product, CBD Oils Indiana is in the top 5 of those retailers.
Our bulk purchasing means you get the lowest price possible for quality CBD from us.
3: Large Sales Network 
We have our own network of retailers that we wholesale to, which allows us to move product quickly and place large orders.
In addition to our website, retail store and retailer network, we also have mobile sales teams that travel all over Indiana selling CBD products.